Asahi Breweries: Making Use of Beer Yeast in Agriculture

Aired: Jun. 25, 2021

Beer yeast from the process of brewing beer is being used as an ingredient for intestinal medicine and food seasoning. This segment focuses on an innovative use for beer yeast in the development of an agricultural bio stimulant. Beer yeast components are similar to plant pathogens, which cause a plant to increase its immunity in order to protect itself. When the plant next tries to reproduce, it results in a higher harvest volume. This bio stimulant is also reportedly contributing to reducing crop damage caused by the channeled apple snail.

Kitagawa Takanori, who researches about innovative uses of beer yeast, and rice farmer Ogawa Katsunori
A channeled apple snail
Contains the cell walls of beer yeast after beer production
Roots of a plant which was given beer yeast

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