Kitakata City: Home of Good Sake and Ramen (Fukushima, Japan)

Aired: Dec. 24, 2020

Kitakata, a city in Fukushima Prefecture, is well known in Japan for its delicious ramen and sake, and locals are determined to take its fame onto the world stage. In this segment, Zoe Vincent, who had lived in the area for 4 years, learns what makes Kitakata’s ramen and sake special, and what the community is doing to share the appeal of these local specialties with international visitors.

Water of Mt. Iide used in the breweries in Kitakata
Zoe tries a new type of sake with a strawberry flavor
During a hands-on ramen-making experience for visitors
A "Kura" or storehouse, central to Kitakata’s visual and cultural identity

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