Climbing Japan’s 2530m Mt. Tateshina

Aired: Nov. 26, 2020

In this segment, we join Dean and his stepson Keiji as they hike the 2,530m Mt. Tateshina in Nagano Prefecture. Japan has over 16,000 mountains, but only 100 are listed in the famous ‘Hyakumeizan’ book, which was created in 1964 and has become the most important list of mountains to summit in Japan. Mt. Tateshina can be hiked in a day, but can Keiji make it all the way to the top at just 7 years old?

Dean and Keiji on Mt. Tateshina’s summit
View from the top of Mt. Tateshina
Keiji taking a little break
Keiji touching the summit mark

Viewers’ Voice

Having seen Dean Newcombe traveling solo a few times, it was really fun seeing the father-son duo on their hike to Mt. Tateshina. Filming all by themselves while climbing the steep boulders must have been a challenge. I like climbing mountains and whenever a Japanese hike is featured, it makes me happy.

From India

Dean Newcombe is an adventurer that has charmed people for a decade, and judging by the way he carries out himself in this segment, it’s not hard to know why. Through his actions of holding an engaging conversation with the young Japanese boy as they trek the leafy terrain, he is also indirectly engaging the audience that’s watching. The young boy’s enthusiasm made the adventure all the more watchable and exciting.

From Kenya

I particularly find the chemistry between Dean and his step-son to be the main attraction of this segment. They converse openly and warmly in both English and Japanese. Dean is educational in his approach, while his son is highly curious; a potent mix for a rewarding family bonding exercise while appreciating the Japanese mountainside. They shared a deep sense of achievement and enjoyment when they reached the top together.

From Australia

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