Exploring Lake Towada and Oirase Gorge of Towada-Hachimantai National Park

Aired: Oct. 29, 2020

There are currently 34 national parks in Japan. This segment features the Towada-Hachimantai National Park in the northern part of the country. Our reporter, along with park rangers and nature guides, explore the park’s landscapes and the geological history of the moss-rich Oirase Gorge, as well as Japan’s one and only double-caldera lake, Lake Towada.

Travel Journalist Said Karlsson in Oirase Gorge
A geological formation called the Ropposeki on Lake Towada
Oirase Gorge in the Towada-Hachimantai National Park
Taking a closer look at Oirase Gorge's moss

Viewers’ Voice

I was astonished at the depth of Lake Towada! I could see that it was a caldera, but the mind cannot imagine a volcano or magma chamber of that size. I particularly liked the explanation of the formation of Oirase Gorge and the explanation of how plants colonise bare rocky ground. It was not new information to me but I like the way it educated in a clear, concise, and entertaining way. Said’s photographs were good and added to the segment, it was interesting to see someone else's personal response to the environment he was in.

From the UK

The lake seemed to have such pristine, clear water, with a beautiful natural deep turquoise color in some parts. The clear water flowing down Oirase Gorge was quite a sight to behold, surrounded by a rich lush forest covered with moss and thick foliage from enormous trees. Hiking around this area would truly be an incredible experience for those who are passionate about taking walks through beautiful areas of nature such as myself.

From Spain

The landscape photography and perspectives taken showed how the topography shaped over time to form such majestic and breathtaking views. The segment did a good job of conveying how a visit to Towada-Hachimantai could serve as detox for someone who wanted to heal with nature.

From the UAE

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