Bringing Science Closer to Children through the Electron Microscope

Aired: Oct. 29, 2020

Hitachi High-Tech is a world-renowned manufacturer of electron microscopes. In aims to boost children’s interest towards science, the company has been providing ad-hoc science lessons with the use of electron microscopes at schools all over the world. This segment features one of their electron microscope lesson events held in a totally new style: remotely, via the internet.

Hama Atsushi of Hitachi High-Tech coordinating the event
During the remote lesson event using an electron microscope
The electron microscope used in the event
A paper wasp's head seen through an electron microscope

Viewers’ Voice

I think demonstration of electron microscopes and the microscopic world at a young age will definitely spur the curiosity and inclination towards science among students. Moreover, access to such events remotely is an added advantage. Allowing the students to tinker around the tools used in imaging the subject while being hundreds of thousands of miles away from the actual facility is a mammoth task. I believe Hitachi High-Tech is certainly pioneering in remote-education.

From India

I thought that Hitachi High-Tech’s initiative was a fantastic idea to encourage children to learn about science and technology even if they are at home on lockdown. The children who were involved in the interactive lessons were clearly interested and engaged and I felt as though the interactivity of it bridged the gap between being at home and the classroom experience.

From Australia

As technology improves and develops, devices like electron microscopes are becoming accessible to more people, as shown in this segment. It was fun learning about an easy-to-use electron microscope, as well as the curiosity it evokes in children to explore things they are interested in in detail.

From Germany