HIRAX AIR: High-Technology Face Shield from Japan

Aired: Oct. 29, 2020

Face shields have widely become a standard in the medical field, and they’ve been gathering attention from the fashion industry as well. This segment features the technology behind Hiraoka Industry’s face shield, which combines antiviral properties and transparency with a sleek design.

Face shield developed by Hiraoka Industry
Hiraoka Ryosuke, man behind the development of the HIRAX AIR face shield
Hiraoka Ryosuke (left), with fashion designer Morinaga Kunihiko (right)
Morinaga Kunihiko wearing the face shield while at work in a fashion event

Viewers’ Voice

The process of manufacturing and the concept of the HIRAX AIR was well explained. It showed how these masks were important not only to the medical sector but also to various sectors such as the fashion industry and transportation. Using a graphical presentation to explain the antiviral and antibacterial dual characteristic of the mask was a brilliant idea.

From Sri Lanka

This segment presented details of the design and production of the HIRAX Air face shield. I was honestly surprised at the level of technology and engineering applied to this product. By exploiting CAD/CAM design automation, together with innovative RIKEGUARD material, antireflection coatings, and a lot of design sophistication, the result was spectacular: a high- performance shield with user comfort, anti-viral properties, and stylish design. This was fun to watch!

From the US

This segment on new face shields was overall enjoyable. One of the best parts of watching this program is seeing Japanese innovation in its various forms and this exhibits it quite well. I thought that it struck a good balance between explaining the technology that goes into the shield, without getting too complicated.

From Canada

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