The Okura Tokyo: Preparing for a Post-Corona World

Aired: Sep. 24, 2020

One of Japan’s most highly reputed hotels, beloved by visitors from overseas throughout the years, has been reborn. Here, you can find the heritage of tradition. This segment features the endeavors of hoteliers and artisans to emulate the original space, long regarded as a masterpiece of Japanese modernism. A year after its reopening, program presenter Maxwell Powers visits the hotel to take a look at its current efforts to tackle issues brought on by the coronavirus pandemic and their vision for the future.

Maxwell Powers interviewing Umehara Shinji, General Manager of The Okura Tokyo
The Okura Tokyo’s lobby
Okura Lanterns
The Okura Tokyo

Viewers’ Voice

What’s admirable about the Okura Tokyo in spite of the challenging times is that people are ready to invest into recreating and preserving its authentic look of the past to represent the present and withstand the future. This is all thanks to General Manager Umehara who was there from the very beginning to outline, hand pick, and direct the look of Okura’s famous lobby. The feel and mood of olden Japan transcends thru the modern times with its Okura Lanterns radiating the perfect luminance not only for its guest but likewise the room. While the rest of the world looks into innovation to counter the pandemic, a silent yet splendid hotel stands proud awaiting its guests when things are again back to normal.

From the Philippines

I remember watching the original feature on The Okura Tokyo, so I felt that it was a good idea to go back and see how they have managed during coronavirus. The programme showed again how intricate the design of the restoration was and how painstaking the process was to put it together. It also conveyed the effectiveness of the finished design and use of light and space in the building. In addition, it was encouraging to hear of the response that the hotel has made during the current time, and the pursuit of GBAC STAR accreditation. As a potential visitor to Japan, this would make me more likely to visit this particular hotel.

From Australia

The hotel looked beautiful. The lobby was so spacious and since it gives off the first impression of the hotel, I think they did an amazing job! I was surprised to learn that a lot of thought went into the brightness of the lights depending on the weather. It really showed their hospitality for their guests. I also liked the blend of modernism and traditionalism which gives the guests a taste of Japanese culture. The kumiko design's concept amazed me as there is nothing worse than having the sun in your eyes -I wish we had these over here in Ireland! The attention to detail really does highlight Japan's 'omotenashi' culture. It was reassuring to hear about all the precautions the hotel wants to take in regards of coronavirus. I liked that they were working towards the GBAC STAR accreditation to make sure their guests feel confident that they are safe staying with them.

From Ireland

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