An Introduction to the National Parks of Japan

Aired: Jul. 30, 2020

Japan has 34 national parks throughout the nation. They are characterized by rich natural landscapes transforming through the seasons, and the people living within the park grounds have learned to coexist with nature. This segment will be the prologue to a series featuring the national parks of Japan.

Tsutenkyo Arch in the Oki Islands
Whooper Swans at Lake Kussharo
A beach in Keramashoto National Park
Mt. Daisen in Daisen-Oki National Park

Viewers’ Voice

This segment really lifted my spirits. The animated map showing the various locations of the parks was great as were the various stills illustrating the diversity of flora and fauna that fill them. Establishing aerial shots of the Keramashoto National Park were stunning as were the underwater shots illustrating the abundant sea life of the area. It was interesting to learn that, unlike many, Japanese National Parks often have resident populations that live and work within their boundaries. Footage here was excellent showcasing the diversity, not only of the natural environment, but also of those who live there.

From the Netherlands

This segment took a look into Japan’s national forests and parks ranging from sub-tropical to sub-arctic, something I did not know. The visuals were stunning and it made Japan look beautiful from mountains to the beaches. I also did not know that there were people who lived in more than one of the parks and lived off the land. Akan-Mashu National Park is home to the Ainu People who survive in the rough winters for generations and still practice their customs. It was beautiful to see how they preserve the traditions and can see how the traditional house made from natural materials.

From the US

This segment was a good idea to deliver more positive and wonderful views of Japan’s rich nature which acts as a mood brightener in hope of coming times when people can travel safely and visit such places.

From Austria

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