The GUD Sheet: Copper Fiber Mask Technology Against COVID-19

Aired: Jun. 25, 2020

GUDi, a venture company based in Gunma University, developed a copper fiber sheet with antibacterial and antiviral properties based on patent-pending technology from the university. The sheet is expected to be effective for preventing coronavirus infections. This segment documents what’s behind the product development led by Professor Itabashi Hideyuki of Gunma University.

GUD sheet and GUD mask
Professor Itabashi Hideyuki
Weaving the copper fiber sheet

Viewers’ Voice

In the hands of experts, your ordinary tinsel wire, old weaving technique and a photocatalyst solution becomes a catalyst in changing the world to a much safer place. Japan being in the forefront of technological advances proved once again that age-old factory setup combined with 21st century technology can work wonders and breakthroughs. These private corporations are testament to how they are one in the fight against the coronavirus.

From the Philippines

Something that affected everywhere in the world was the shortage of masks. I was surprised to hear that copper could be used with its natural antimicrobial properties, as well as its ability to be incorporated into a thread that could be woven into a sheet. I thought this highlighted the need for people to come together - having two companies collaborate to produce something that can have a positive impact during these times.

From Ireland

The whole world is making an effort to prevent the coronavirus spreading. It is interesting to see what in that direction Japanese scientists do. This program shows how Japanese researchers, doctors and professors are combining their knowledge to contribute to the local, national, and international response to coronavirus. For me Japan is a world leader in scientific research, and this segment confirms that Japanese scientists can definitely contribute to the fight against COVID-19.

From Belarus

More Information

GUDi (Gunma University Development & Innovation) Official Website

GUD Mask & Sheet set is available for purchase here:
(in Japanese only)

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