Kumamoto City: The Land of Water

Aired: Apr. 23, 2020

Kumamoto Castle in Kumamoto City is undergoing reconstruction work after a major series of earthquakes hit the area in 2016. We’ll visit the castle and its surroundings with guides Takachiho Sakura, Kumamoto City FM radio personality, and local volunteer guide Yoshimura Tetsuo. This segment features the charms of Kumamoto, also known as the land of water, during a time of recovery.

Kumamoto Castle
Mt. Aso in Kumamoto Prefecture
Suizenji Ezuko Park’s spring water
Mizuakari Festival

Viewers’ Voice

This segment was done very well. The content about Kumamoto Castle's reconstruction was very interesting as was the information about the history and culture of the place. The feudal lord Kato Kiyomasa had astounding foresight to implement agricultural and fluvial reforms over 400 years ago. Closing the episode with Kumamoto Castle's reopening is symbolic for how Japan might reopen up after the COVID-19 pandemic has been brought under control. The damage caused by the 2016 earthquake was devastating yet the people involved with the restoration of the castle have managed to do a spectacular job.

From India

This segment features the charms of Kumamoto which is also known as the land of water, during a time of recovery. The information shared was useful and interesting, particularly on the unusual abudance of and easy access to good quality spring water. I have always loved the special quality of water in Japan and after watching this segment, I really can’t wait for the opportunity to visit Kumamoto to sample its water.

From Singapore

Like so many other monuments, Kumamoto Castle has endured its fair share of disasters and it was inspiring to see such a thorough and beautiful restoration of the castle, which will hopefully shine as a beacon of hope to other communities who have suffered heavy losses from earthquakes and other natural disasters. The natural beauty of the region was excellently depicted throughout the section and suitably attributed to the abundance of fresh water springs and volcanic activity - heavily influencing public garden designs, culture, and local attractions.

From the UK

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Kumamoto Castle

The official video of Mizuakari

Asia-Pacific Water Forum

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