Washoku World Challenge 2019 Finals

Aired: Mar. 26, 2020

The Washoku World Challenge is a culinary competition for non-Japanese chefs of Washoku, or Japanese cuisine. In February 2020, qualifiers from cities around the world gathered in Tokyo for the final round. This segment features the championship and how Washoku continues to evolve by incorporating fresh perspective from chefs worldwide.

Finalists of the Washoku World Challenge
Chef Wang Wei Ping, winner of the Washoku World Challenge
The winning dish at the Washoku World Challenge final round

Viewers’ Voice

This segment finished strong with the fusion of Japanese and world cuisine – I can see these young chefs honing their craft and a few years from now becoming masters in their field. The Washoku World Challenge competition would have played a significant part in their road to success.

From the Philippines

I enjoyed this segment because I really like the Washoku World Challenge. I’ve watched different aspects of the challenge over the years and I find it fascinating to have such a competition among international chefs. Their presentations and preparations were fantastic and I think the winner had a very broad knowledge of Japanese food.

From New Zealand

The culmination of Washoku World Challenge is a success to the individual winners and participants but most importantly to the Japanese food industry. Japanese cuisine is very well established in the industry but it needs an input from the outside to survive in the level that it is. The first prize winner deserves the accolade as he really understands and give life to Japanese food.

From the UK

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