Takanawa Gateway Station: Building a New International City in Tokyo

Aired: Mar. 26, 2020

In March 2020, a brand-new train station debuted in Tokyo – the Takanawa Gateway Station. It’s the Yamanote Line’s first new station since 1971 and features an attractive station building enwrapped in soft lighting. Major redevelopment is ongoing in its vicinity and the area is expected to become a new international cultural hub in Tokyo.

The Takanawa Gateway Station
View inside the station
The Takanawa Gateway Station at night

Viewers’ Voice

I was excited to see the technology applied in the station, especially the robots that keep the station clean. It is always amazing to see what technological advancements can accomplish in automating some tasks that humans use to do. I feel these advancements in technology are the future of society. It was impressive to see and learn about the station down to how it was designed. It looked very futuristic.

From Kenya

The combination of traditional Japanese elements in architecture and the usage of modern technology reflect many aspects of what makes Japan unique. I especially enjoyed to look at the old pictures of the area, because they give insight into the viewpoint of the person who made them, as well as the history of the place. The future plans to modernize the area suggest that Shinagawa will be an inspiring place to stir creativity in those who go there. I see Takanawa Gateway as a starting point to welcome a new international community in Japan.

From Germany

The new station was impressive. I loved the passion with each employee was working to make it a success. The part about designing the station stood out. How wood was used to create a sense of warmth is something not often seen in other stations. Topping on the cake was those cool robots introduced which shows the prowess of Japan in technology. When I travel to Tokyo next time I guess would look forward to exploring this new side of the city.

From the UAE

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