Ho-Me-I-Ku Method: Compliments for a Productive and Happy Workplace

Aired: Feb. 27, 2020

Kunio Hara, president of the Ho-Me-I-Ku Foundation, is the man behind an educational training method that mainly focuses on giving compliments to trainees. Currently, the method is being implemented in around 300 companies such as restaurants and even kindergartens. It has been contributing to the decrease in the number of people leaving their jobs and a substantial increase in sales. What is the key to such changes for the better? This segment documents Hara’s training method in action.

Kunio Hara, developer of the Ho-Me-I-Ku educational training method, during a training session
At Katsumasa, a restaurant where the Ho-Me-I-Ku method is being used
Motoya Akiyama, manager at Katsumasa, Takaoka Branch

Viewers’ Voice

It was very encouraging to see how much customers value the restaurant's employees, and to see some of the employees tearing up during the feedback session, shows how moved they were that their efforts were noticed. This style of management can go a very long way into the development of positive work culture and the rewards are all to clear to see.

From Kenya

This segment showing what the Ho-Me-I-Ku Foundation is all about, was really an eye-opener, so to speak. This method shown, of course demonstrates that this type of workplace culture flows through to the customer, which in turn increases staff retention and also translates into higher sales, and therefore profit. Seeing Hara’s training method being delivered and implemented drew my attention to potential inadequacies in a lot of workplaces, especially in this era of social media. I found this to very interesting and enlightening. I also think that this method can be adapted for home life, as well.

From Australia

I think it is a wonderful idea to let your workers know how much they are appreciated. It makes sense that a worker with pride for their job will do a good job. It makes sense that the compliment be well observed / personalised too. I will try and remember these tips when communicating with people in my day to day life. Everyone responds well to a well observed compliment!

From the UK

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