Nurturing Leading Artisans

Aired: Feb. 27, 2020

Furniture company Akiyama Mokko is well-known in the industry for its top-notch group of craftsmen. It produces high-quality, made to order furniture that are delivered to the Imperial Household Agency, first-class hotels and others. The company is known not only for its quality products but also for its method of training its young recruits into first-rate artisans. They employ a unique training system in which the young employees live together in the company president’s care, honing the heart, technique, and physique.

Toshiteru Akiyama, president of furniture company Akiyama Mokko
Yuto Yonebayashi, artisan in training at Akiyama Mokko
A desk made at Akiyama Mokko
The book written by Toshiteru Akiyama entitled "Ichiryu wo Sodateru" or "Nurturing Leading Artisans"

Viewers’ Voice

I thought this was a really sweet story showing the journey of the young artisan trying to follow his dream of becoming a furniture maker and following the philosophy of its practice. The showcase of furniture in Yokohama looked very nice with many modern-looking pieces that showed great craftsmanship.

From New Zealand

This segment caught me off-guard. I was just expecting another feature on a company and their products. But instead, I was able to catch a glimpse of their day to day schedule which was surprisingly centered on uplifting their morals and values. It was indeed a unique training system honing not just the techniques but trains them holistically.

From the Philippines

This segment about young artisans that live and work together with the company’s president touched my heart. It was amazing to see how those teenagers are inspired by his words and works to become great handcrafters in the future so that they and their parents can be proud of them(selves). We in Austria have a similar way of education for craft professions but I have never seen one in such a close connection nowadays. They seem to be one big family with respect and the same interests. Just heartwarming to watch!

From Austria

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