runAway: Adventures at Tottori Sand Dunes

Aired: Jan. 30, 2020

After a harrowing 200km cycle ride from Kyoto to Tottori Prefecture, Dean and the team reach one of Japan’s biggest sand dunes – The Tottori Sand Dunes. They spend an entire day on the dunes, experiencing sand-boarding, pear orchards, camel rides, and learn why the dunes are Tottori’s most popular tourist destination.

runAway team members Dean and Natali taking a camel ride tour at Tottori Sand Dunes
Dean at a pear orchard in Tottori Pref.
Sandboarding at the dunes
At sunset

Viewers’ Voice

I am just surprised that a place like Tottori exists in Japan! I thought I was transported to the Arabian desert, but realized later on that Dean and Natali haven’t left the country. I am fascinated and just want to know more about Tottori – its sights, produce, and people.

From the Philippines

I was surprised to learn there were camels and sand dunes in Japan - this is probably the last thing I expected! Also didn't realise that sandboarding was a thing - Japan really is a country that keeps pulling out surprises!

From Ireland

Wow! Of all the things I have learnt about Japan, I had no idea that the country also boasted massive sand dunes. Guess I still have to learn many things and that's why a series like CATCH JAPAN is helpful. Generally sand dunes are associated with countries in the Middle East and land locked countries like Mongolia and the Central Asian states; even Australia is known for its sand dunes but Japan! The activities performed by Dean and his team are a primer of what tourists can expect in Tottori.

From India

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