2019 Blue Planet Prize Winner Prof. Jared Diamond

Aired: Jan. 30, 2020

Established by the Asahi Glass Foundation, the Blue Planet Prize is presented to individuals or organizations in recognition of their contributions to solving global environment issues. One of the winners in 2019 is biogeographer Prof. Jared Diamond, who has put forward new perspectives regarding the environment and civilization to the world. What inspired him can be traced back to his field work in Papua New Guinea. This segment introduces a brief look at Prof. Diamond’s research and his proposition for the future.

Prof. Jared Diamond, 2019 Blue Planet Prize Winner
During the award ceremony
Prof. Jared Diamond receiving the Blue Planet Prize trophy
The Environmental Doomsday Clock

Viewers’ Voice

It is interesting to find out that bird watching in New Guinea inspired him to do research and to look further into elementary questions, making a coherence between geography, civilization, and society. Professor Diamond’s books are shown, so viewers, who are interested in this matter, are encouraged to look further into it.

From Germany

Establishing shots of Los Angeles and Jared Diamond worked well—both the set the context and introduce the man himself. I found his opening words thought provoking and interesting and found the setting also pleasing—especially the later shot of Mr. Diamond outside with his binoculars. Archive stills of his early years worked well—as did the pseudo 3D effect applied to the later stills. It was wonderful to see Jared “come alive” when he spoke of New Guinea, his excitement and enthusiasm were so plain to see it here!

From the Netherlands

This J-ECO segment featuring Professor Jared Diamond was another very different review of the many and varying areas of interest of this award-winning bio-geographer, who has presented innovative viewpoints on the subject of the peoples of the world, both in a generally, and specifically.

From Australia

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