Highlights of Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan

Aired: Jan. 30, 2020

Ibaraki Prefecture is about 2 hours away from Narita Airport by express bus. A booklet compiling photographs of the prefecture’s beautiful sceneries, adorned with enticing descriptions in English, was published to showcase its appeal to more overseas tourists. Changing seasons, breathtaking nature, profound spirituality nurtured by its history, and more… In this segment, we rediscover Ibaraki Prefecture’s charms through the eyes of the booklet’s editor.

The Oarai Isosaki Shrine Torii Gate by the beach in Ibaraki Pref.
Toko Suzuki, Editor-in-Chief of Kateigaho International Japan Edition magazine
Nemophilas in bloom at the Hitachi Seaside Park
Kochia (plant originally used for making brushes) in summer
Kochia in autumn
Fukuroda Falls

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Ibaraki (JNTO)

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