2019 Blue Planet Prize Winner Prof. Eric Lambin

Aired: Dec. 26, 2019

Established by the Asahi Glass Foundation, the Blue Planet Prize is presented to individuals or organizations in recognition of their contributions to solving global environment issues. One of the winners in 2019 is geographer Eric Lambin. This segment introduces his research findings and the environmental preservation efforts the prize represents.

Prof. Eric Lambin, 2019 Blue Planet Prize Winner
Logo of the Blue Planet Prize, known as the nobel prize of environmental conservation
The Blue Planet Prize trophy

Viewers’ Voice

This segment gave an opportunity to understand some recent environmental innovations all over the world. I enjoyed hearing about the back story of Prof. Eric Lambin, and his motivation for working in his area of science. The photos used gave a good snapshot of his career and the human story behind the work that he does.

From Australia

This segment was interesting and it was nice to learn about the 2019 Blue Planet Prize winner and his field of research. I found this segment particularly relevant because of its optimistic angle: learning about initiatives striving to bring hope and the impulse for change is undoubtedly refreshing in those times of environmental crisis.

From France

I think it is a laudable effort to motivate scientists who work for the planet. It showed me that the adverse impact of human activity to the environment transcends national boundaries. The program showed broadly the prize winner’s work as going beyond countries, and hopefully could inspire prize aspirants to frame their research and scientific work in a similar fashion.

From the Philippines

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