Sanpo Yoshi: Japan’s Triple-Win Philosophy to the World

Aired: Dec. 26, 2019

Iwase Cosfa is currently eyeing further global expansion, particularly targeting Vietnam, a country that’s been seeing rapid economic growth in recent years. In 2017, it established a local subsidiary in Ho Chi Minh, equipped with a research laboratory, providing its clients with proposals on the most suitable ingredients and samples. The company’s business philosophy “Sanpo Yoshi” an old Japanese merchant’s philosophy meaning “triple-win,”is also at work in this new business stage. This segment features one of Iwase Cosfa’s business interactions with a long-established manufacturer located in a rural region of the country.

Yugo Yabiki and Toru Imamura of Iwase Cosfa Vietnam
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Preparing cosmetic samples in Iwase Cosfa Vietnam's laboratory

Viewers’ Voice

I liked how natural everyone was. It gave an authentic feel to the segment. After the meeting, they all had lunch seated together and chatting with one another. They all seemed comfortable which was a positive sign and I believe would be beneficial to the two teams working together.

From Nigeria

It’s interesting to see how Japan’s cosmetic industry is branching out in Vietnam. It’s nice to see that the Vietnamese manufacturers want to use quality ingredients with all-natural materials. In the US this is a very large and growing market. It’s a great idea for the Japanese company to not only offer the ingredients but also support their processes. I really like the triple-win concept.

From the US

I was astounded by the company’s effort of preparing samples and offering support, customizing everything to the clients’ needs, as well as taking a 3-hour drive through a rural area. This segment showed many processes behind the scenes and demonstrate why Japanese cosmetic products are trusted worldwide.

From Germany

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