Sanpo Yoshi: Japan’s Triple-Win Philosophy

Aired: Dec. 26, 2019

Iwase Cosfa is a specialized trading company with a nearly 90-year history. It handles over 5000 types of cosmetic raw materials from 600 companies. Throughout the years, the company has stressed the importance of the philosophy “Sanpo Yoshi”or “triple-win,” an old Japanese merchant’s philosophy of doing business with the satisfaction of both the seller and buyer in mind, and also for the benefit of society. This segment introduces how they’re keeping the concept alive.

Yoshinori Iwase, President of Iwase Cosfa
Kenji Iwase, second generation President of Iwase Cosfa and current Chairperson
Iwase Cosfa's open laboratory for its clients' research and development of cosmetics

Viewers’ Voice

I was particularly drawn to Iwase Cosfa’s philosophy of “Sanpo Yoshi” or triple-win, which is an old Japanese merchant’s philosophy of doing business that satisfies the vendor, the consumer, and also benefits the society as well. I love how this company said that unless their customers, vendors, and society are happy, the company will not progress. It was such a beautiful principle to abide in, and in my opinion should be the main philosophy of every business company.

From the Philippines

This was an interesting story and I enjoyed learning about how Iwase Cosfa was founded and the philosophy they respect even today, so many years later. I thought it was heartwarming to know that a businessman helped them out in a time of need as a repayment from the success he had thanks to the company.

From New Zealand

I think that the concept of “triple-win” is a very good one and can be applied to many different businesses. I will try to remember it with my own work.

From the UK

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