runAway: Exploring Todaiji Temple

Aired: Nov. 28, 2019

Dean and his team have made it to Nara Pref. in western Japan. They pause their adventure through Japan to explore Todaiji, one of Japan’s most historically significant temples. The temple complex is located in Nara Park, also home to hundreds of deer who roam freely in the grounds. This month Dean will see Japan’s largest bronze buddha statue and also unexpectedly faces a challenge inside the temple to complete his Todaiji experience.

runAway team leader Dean Newcombe at the Todaiji Temple grounds in Nara Pref.
The Todaiji Temple
The world's largest bronze Buddha statue, the Daibutsu
Enjoying some spicy-hot senbei rice crackers at the temple grounds
With the deers of Nara
Dean going through his greatest challenge yet!

Viewers’ Voice

It was amazing to see the deer at Nara – and I liked the idea you could feed the deer. I haven’t seen deer as used to human interaction as the deer in Nara – here in Ireland, they will run miles away from you! The Todaiji Temple also looks mesmerizing, but I doubt I’d be able to fit through that tiny hole! I was very surprised to see Dean fit through, and I joined in with the applause of the spectators!

From Ireland

The deer were really cute! Todaiji Temple was quite a colossal structure – I’m surprised it’s still standing after so long and that it has managed to survive the natural disasters that so often afflict this part of the world. Dean always manages to make thought provoking comments that are really appropriate to the themes of his travels and which are appreciated.

From Spain

Dean's travel to Nara and the Todaiji Temple essentially embodies the human experience on a historical and spiritual level given the temple's importance in Japan over the centuries. I've heard of Todaiji and great importance as well as the famous deer. It was a nice close-up of the temple as well as the less filmed aspects such as eating doubly spicy rice crackers, or even eating the dry crackers meant for the deer. It was great fun to see him slide out of Buddha's pseudo-nostrils. It was equally fun to hear the enthusiasm of the crowd as he wriggled his way through.

From the US

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