Japan’s Research Edge

Aired: Nov. 28, 2019

NTT, Japan’s largest telecommunications company, develops cutting-edge technology that is widely used in today’s society. The company is also focusing on research and development based on discoveries involving human communication capabilities. In 2019, at one of their research facilities in Kyoto, they announced a variety of technologies based on human sensation and perception. This segment features the efforts and work of NTT’s researchers.

A research on robot interaction by NTT
Tetsuomi Sogawa, Senior Vice President and Director of NTT's Science and Core Technology Laboratory Group
Demonstration of a research on human perception that gives the illusion of walking

Viewers’ Voice

NTT’s human-robot interactive communication is impressive. The company is a well-known leader in technological pioneering. However, I believe it is the skilled management that defines the company’s competencies. Nevertheless, it is also committed to developing technologies that could enhance human well-being.

From Malaysia

This segment is very interesting, because it demonstrates impressive results of communication science, such as realistic conversations with AI robots and virtual simulations of walking while sitting. This shows the current level of virtual and AI experiences, making viewers curious about future development and research.

From Germany

This segment was an interesting look into a field that Japan leads the world in: robotics and AI. Exploring Japanese technology is one of my absolutely favorite parts about CATCH JAPAN, and I really enjoyed this look at the field. The technology that goes into creating robots that can interact via speech with humans is quite impressive...and at times uncomfortable! Nonetheless, I look forward to following the progress of this technology (as well as others) on future segments.

From Canada

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