A Garden of “Omotenashi” Hospitality

Aired: Nov. 28, 2019

Hotel Niwa Tokyo is located in the heart of the city, but is known for its verdant greenery. Founded in 1935 as a traditional Japanese inn called Morita-kan, it underwent a major renovation in 2009 and has been highly-reputed for the next decade. The hotel’s most notable feature is its “niwa” or garden, dutifully maintained by its landscape architect. This segment features the knowledge and skills responsible for the hotel’s garden.

The Hotel Niwa Tokyo's garden
The Hotel Niwa Tokyo's exterior
The hotel features a classic feeling of Japanese comfort and beauty
Landscape artists of the hotel's garden

Viewers’ Voice

The landscape garden with its stream running within the hotel premises really provide a beautiful focus for visitors and guests. From this segment alone, I can imagine the serenity any visitor to the hotel will enjoy while at the garden. Of course, it is also interesting to learn that the garden is being maintained by 2 generations of landscape specialists.

From Singapore

I felt that Hotel Niwa Tokyo was like a time capsule, looking into the past. I really liked seeing how the garden was designed and implemented. I think its size is what makes it unique and special, as it does so much in such a small space. I find gardens in cities to be very attractive as they break the fabric of the concrete jungle. Such spaces are rare and hold a therapeutic attribute.

From Kenya

I love Japanese gardens and think they are beautiful so it was nice to learn about how the garden is maintained and how it was originally planned. I liked how they decided to add rocks to the garden to give it more life and form and how he saw them as things that are alive. It was interesting to know that such a hotel exists in the middle of a busy city because city life is so hectic that it must be very relaxing to go back to a nice hotel where you can contemplate a garden like that.

From New Zealand

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