Japan’s Scallops Taking On the World

Aired: Oct. 24, 2019

A qualifying round of the 7th Washoku World Challenge culinary competition for non-Japanese chefs was held in Hong Kong. The chefs were assigned scallops as their ingredient. This segment takes a closer look at these scallops, an essential part of Japanese cuisine now growing in popularity all over the world, and showcases the ingenuity of the chefs, as well as introducing the people working at Nichirei, a scallop supplier company.

Lightly-grilled scallop sushi
Silvercord Kousoku Genki sushi restaurant in Hong Kong
Contestants of the Japanese cuisine culinary competition, Washoku World Challenge 2019 in Hong Kong
Wang Wei Ping, Japanese cuisine chef from Shanghai and winner of the Washoku World Challenge Hong Kong Qualifying Tournament

Viewers’ Voice

Even in the UK and Ireland, Japanese cuisine is growing in popularity day by day. It feels as though sushi is slowly taking over pizza as the most popular take-away meal and I'm all here for it. So, it was interesting to watch chefs from different countries take on the Washoku World Challenge - almost a hybrid between food and art - with each chef creating a different dish with the same ingredient. It’s definitely on my bucket list for when I go to Japan, the scallops looked delicious!

From Ireland

I was intrigued to learn about the development of the scallop industry and how the shellfish is cultivated and consumed across Japan and beyond. Some of the of the dishes shown from the cooking competition looked delicious.

From Australia

I was very happy to see the latest from the Washoku World Challenge culinary competition. I enjoyed learning how scallops are used as an ingredient, whether cooked or raw, and learning about it from its point of origin in Japan to the plates of Hong Kong restaurants.

From Kenya

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