runAway: Hiking Ancient Trails

Aired: Sep. 26, 2019

This month, the runAway team are stepping back into ancient Japan. They hike the Magose Toge Pass, part of the famous Kumano Kodo trails of the Kii Peninsula. They also visit the Kumano Hongu Taisha Shrine, which serves as the head shrine to 3000 Kumano shrines around Japan. They end their journey rafting down the Kitayama River and reaching one of Japan’s most iconic waterfalls, Nachi No Taki.

Dean Newcombe, runAway team leader
Mountain road in Mie Pref. on the way to Wakayama
Walking ancient trails in the rain
The runAway team arrives the Kumano Hongu Taisha
Rafting the Kitayama River in Wakayama Pref
The Nachi No Taki Waterfalls

Viewers’ Voice

In this segment, I was attracted to the small shrines and monuments along the ancient Kumano Kodo trails. I then understoods why this trail is being called a secret site of The UNESCO World Heritage. Nonetheless, my favorite scene is the scene of the magnificent Nachi No Taki Waterfall.

From Malaysia

This story appeared to be a test of endurance, and the team is really putting in extra effort on their tour of Japan and I highly appreciate that. They seem to be very motivated by their journey which is very reassuring as it made me feel part of it. It’s not easy to ride a bicycle in the rain, then climb a pilgrimage route. I feel that the areas they are traveling to are so isolated, and that makes them even more special.

From Kenya

I like the fact that the destination featured is not one of the more commonly visited parts of Japan, so it allowed me to learn a lot about the area and give me ideas for my next visit to Japan. The waterfall looked beautiful as well. I don't think that I want to go cliff jumping though! The music accompanying this piece was pleasant and complemented the subject matter well.

From Australia

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