The Roots of Beautiful Eyelashes

Aired: Sep. 26, 2019

In Japan, the eyes are considered to be the most important area of one’s make-up. There are several ways to emphasize the eyes, but most can result in your natural eyelashes falling out. A company called Angfa has developed a serum for eyelash roots. It has been well-received by consumers for its protective features. This segment introduces the process behind the development of a product that aims to enhance beauty both inside and out.

Naomi Watanabe, known as queen of social media in Japan and the face of Angfa's new product's commercial
Studying eyelashes for product development
A meeting about a new eyelash product
One of Angfa's eyelash serums

Viewers’ Voice

In this segment, I enjoyed watching the short clip titled “The History of Eyelash Makeup” which briefly described the evolution of eyelash makeup. It was a colorful and educational presentation. My attention was captured throughout the segment.

From Nigeria

This segment was interesting to me because I’ve bought that type of serum before from a different company, so it was enlightening to see the process of how such products are developed and all the science behind it. I also really like Naomi Watanabe so I was happy to see a little bit of her and know that she’s the face of their products.

From New Zealand

Lately, Asian beauty products has become more popular around the world due to their quality and effectiveness, that is why I was particularly interested in this segment. It is interesting to find out about the development process behind the scenes, since not every company reveals how and why new products are created. An illustrated history of eyelash make-up shows the trends and demands of each decade since the 1970s in an entertaining way. Interviews with women talking about disadvantages of eyelash make-up give a clear impression on which kind of products are needed nowadays.

From Germany

More Information

You can check out more information about Angfa’s eye beauty products here:

Angfa Corporate Website:
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