Tokyo 2020 -Appetizing Hospitality-

Aired: Sep. 26, 2019

The Host Town House visitors’ facility will be launched in Tokyo during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics. Meals that combine specialties from Olympic athlete Host Towns and their overseas counterparts will be served. This segment features the pre-event held on August 2019, taking a peek at the locals’ hospitality.

Chefs at HAPPO-EN preparing for the Host Town House event
A variety of Pinchos served at the event
Bi~nasu eggplant from Awa City in Tokushima Pref. with a dollop of black miso sauce

Viewers’ Voice

This segment on Japanese food and hospitality ahead of 2020 Olympics intrigued me. It showcased the initiatives of the host towns for making collaborative cuisines using Japanese seasonal ingredients. A peek into the pre-event and examples of few such recipes developed made it interesting to watch. This approximately 7-minute report was well presented. Close-up visuals of the dishes looked stunning.

From India

I have always been fascinated with Japanese food so this certainly caught my attention right away. I like how one person mentioned in the interview that everyone loves food and that is something we all share in common, regardless of where you came from. That is so true and I believe it is a genius idea to introduce and merge Japanese food with cuisines from all over the world. Without a doubt, it will be a hit to all the guests.

From the Philippines

Here in the West, people know that Japan has unique food that is super tasty so I thought it was a good idea to have a segment devoted to locally sourced ingredients and I was curious about the Japanese chefs blending foods from all over the world with their own national food. The program made me believe that preparations for the 2020 games are at a very advanced stage. I reflected on the incredible attention to detail that is taking place in Japan in these preparations. I think it will be a very memorable occasion for all involved.

From Ireland

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