runAway: Kayak Adventures in Mie

Aired: Aug. 29, 2019

It’s time for the runAway team to take to the seas! They’re traveling from Aichi Prefecture to Mie Prefecture by kayak! On their way through Ise Bay, they encounter a Buddhist priest who teaches them the art of the perfect tea! A fisherman who shares his catch straight from the sea! And Japan’s youngest BMX rider, quite possibly! Hey, those rhymed!

Dean trying some fresh catch
BMX super rider!
Eiji Mikami, head priest at the Jisen-in Temple in Aichi Pref.
Eiji-san invites Dean and the team for some matcha green tea

Viewers’ Voice

It was charming watching the boys interact with the fishermen – everyone was so friendly in this section – it made me feel very positive. Tsu Castle looked gorgeous. The little girl doing tricks on her bicycle was just perfect. The beautiful views of the water, sunset, and friendly people made this a great section to end the programme with.

From the UK

It was lovely to see the interaction between the fishermen and Dean and his companion—this section felt very spontaneous and added greatly to the enjoyment of the section generally. The “speedy” kayak graphic worked well to “fast forward” to the city of Tsu. The castle was beautiful, and again well-placed via a clear graphic. Little 6-year-old Watanabe was amazing!! It was great to see Dean attempting the tricks too and I liked the way the narrative here was again linked to the 2020 Olympics. The return to the water in the stunning evening light (especially the sunset) was a wonderful way to conclude the feature which was brought to a final close with Dean’s quite moving explanation of "Ichi-go Ichi-e," once in a lifetime chance meetings.

From the Netherlands

I actually really enjoyed the chance encounters as well as learning about how these encounters are a Japanese tradition. Eating fish on a fishing boat and enjoying a Japanese tea ceremony in a temple you’ve found by accident looked like great fun and both experiences were presented nicely by the hosts.

From Canada

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