Peachy Fukushima

Aired: Aug. 29, 2019

There is a straight road in Fukushima Pref. called the Peach Line that runs through a stretch of fields along the Abukuma River. During the July to September harvest season, visitors can enjoy plump, juicy, sweet peaches. The peaches from the northern town of Koori are known for their particularly high quality. We visit a fruit farm that has been in business for three generations, a tourist favorite for its peach picking tour, and a fruit-sorting facility that sorts hundreds of thousands of peaches in a single day during high season. This segment introduces what’s behind the peaches that are garnering high marks in Japan and overseas.

Peaches grown in Fukushima Pref.
A peach variety called Akatsuki
Sorting Akatsuki peaches on the spot
A peach parfait

Viewers’ Voice

Now that I know that the best peaches are from Fukushima, I definitely know what to buy when I see them once I visit Japan. This part of the program is also very memorable because it featured a family working together to rebuild their lives and their prefecture by doing the best they can through manual labor and by improving what nature provided.

From the Philippines

This segment was deeply encouraging, I know that Japanese peach farmers in the Fukushima area have been facing difficulties since the March 11 incident, but they have really persevered and it is very heartwarming to see them proudly selling their produce today. I was happy to hear how much the farmer values his peaches; you could see how proud he was. I was also very happy to learn about the cultivation process of peaches.

From Kenya

This segment was refreshing in taking us through Fukishama peach/fruit story. How this region got back after the earthquake and how it is attracting tourists to the region by offering awesome experiences. It was interesting to see the efforts that go in raising world-class peaches.

From the UAE

More Information

This October, events where you can have a taste of Fukushima specialties will be held in Europe.

October 11, 2019 | Brussels, Belgium

An evening of seminar and dinner reception held by the Embassy of Japan in Belgium and Fukushima Prefecture.

For more details: FUKUSHIMA FOOD PRIDE -An Evening in Brussels

October 10-12, 2019 | Rotterdam, The Netherlands

A promotional event showcasing agricultural products grown in Fukushima at the Markthal in Rotterdam. There will be food sampling booths, origami paper folding session for some taste of Japanese culture, and more.

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