IT Rugby

Aired: Aug. 29, 2019

In 2015, Japan’s national rugby team achieved a historic victory against South Africa, making headlines around the world. It was dubbed a miracle by sports writers, but was actually the result of consistent and consolidated total management of the team’s physical condition, training logs, and injury records using an IT tool. The software was developed by Euphoria, a company currently expanding its business with “ONE TAP SPORTS,” a cloud-service for managing players’ condition. The service is based on the order-made system that supported the national rugby team’s training. Their goal back in 2012 was to improve all aspects of the team to gear up towards the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. This segment documents the national team’s IT strategy.

The Women's Sevens National Rugby Team during training
At the pitch
Players upload images of their meal in the app

Viewers’ Voice

This segment documenting the national rugby team's IT strategy was well conceived. It was detailed and showed how technology gives Japan’s rugby team an edge behind the scenes. It was a uniquely Japanese hybrid strategy. The report generated my interest in Japan's national women's rugby and I will be looking forward their performance at the 2020 Olympics.

From India

I both enjoy and appreciate sports, so I liked this segment. I am not a professional athlete, so it was nice to see behind-the-scenes how such a team trains, eats, and practices. It was also nice to see the story behind the app that the team uses.

From the US

This segment was about an app that helps athletes stay in shape while monitoring their vitals and eating habits. I thought this was an excellent idea and was very surprised to find out that this was used before with the national rugby team with great results. I’m looking forward to see how the team performs.

From New Zealand

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