The Himeji “White” Tour

Aired: Aug. 29, 2019

Himeji Castle, also known as the White Heron Castle, is the symbol of Himeji City. A fresh image for the city is inspired by the word “Shiro”, which means “white” in Japanese. The Shoshazan Engyoji Temple is known as one of the settings of the film The Last Samurai. We visit a Japanese sake brewery and the young female chief brewer in charge, tasting some sake made from pure white rice, and also feature white bean paste “shiro-azuki” confection at Kineya Japanese sweets shop to conclude the trip. This segment features Himeji experiences with the “Shiro” theme.

The Himeji Castle
The Dai-ko-do, main building of the Shoshazan Engyoji Temple
Himekawa-zaiku Leatherwork, a traditional craft in Himeji
Japanese Sake
Japanese Sweets
Sukiyaki beef stew course at Maegura restaurant in Himeji

Viewers’ Voice

I thought that the images and graphics in relation to Himeji Castle were very well done, and I felt that a lot of relevant information was imparted about the features of the castle and how it has been featured in many movies over the years. As a potential visitor to the area, I also welcomed the showcasing of additional features in the Himeji region, with the sweets, leatherwork, and brewery items all making the destination seem attractive.

From Australia

Himeji Castle is a truly astounding architectural masterpiece. I’m actually surprised that it has withstood for four centuries intact against natural disasters and earthquakes. The aerial views of the castle filmed with a drone and shown in slow motion allowing the viewer to see the entirety of the building from a bird’s eye view were quite amazing. This segment also had other interesting information, such as the many movies that have been filmed in the area around Himeji Castle, the sake brewing tradition in the area, a sampling of a delicious looking meal served with traditionally-made sake, etc.

From Spain

This segment featuring Himeji Castle and its surrounding area is very interesting and informative. A very balanced presentation of history and modern day significance of the castle. Quite an impressive castle, I could just imagine the awe and fascination from the onlookers when it was completed 400 years ago because it still does have that same effect from the onlookers of today. To continue providing the present and future generation a piece of Japanese history, the castle has been restored and renovated with sensitivity by using the original materials. The Kacchutai Gatekeepers provides additional interest for visitors, like the Yeoman guards of Tower of London (beefeaters). To feature the connection of movies/tv with Himeji City gives visitors many different activities to experience. Food and drinks associated with the area has also been featured, giving a holistic sensory stimulation. Good quality food and drink (sake) with a perfect movie setting surrounding is like a perfect holiday to experience.

From the UK

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