runAway: Flavours from the Sea

Aired: Jul. 25, 2019

The runAway team find themselves back beside the sea. As they follow the coastline through Shizuoka and into Aichi Prefecture, they take the opportunity to try some local delicacies – Unagi eel from Hamanako Lake, one of the top producing regions in all Japan, and Octopus from the seafood paradise of Morozaki.

Dean Newcombe at the Marusei restaurant in Chita Peninsula
Nagatajima Sand Dunes in Shizuoka
Rowboating on the Sanaruko Lake
Sunset by the Hamanako Lake
Unaju or Eel on Rice

Viewers’ Voice

I cannot imagine eating live octopus, that is one of the most amazing things I have seen involving Japanese food. The other dishes eaten by the presenters looked really wonderful, I feel the food was of a very high quality, something that can lead to a pleasant and unique dining experience.

From Kenya

This segment was entertaining and loaded with fascinating pictures again. As an Austrian without any direct access to the sea I was kind of perplexed how an octopus after being cut kept on moving for so long and even while already being eaten. I was wondering if it was still moving inside Dean’s body before the gastric acid began its work?! It was strange but also interesting to see this weird meal. My children found it funny and strange at the same time.

From Austria

This segment shows the viewer many beautiful locations in and around the seashore. It makes me feel nostalgic for East Asia when I see similar images. In an incredibly memorable scene, we can see restaurant guests dining on octopus that appears to still be alive. Of course, the explanation for the post-mortem movement of the octopus is provided, but a vivid memory still lingers. It is certainly not for the very tame. Even though it is a hilarious scene, I would prefer the oysters. 😊

From the US

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