Into the World of Japanese Cuisine and Knives

Aired: Jul. 25, 2019

Jon Klip from Toronto, Canada is training as a Washoku or Japanese cuisine chef in a time-honored restaurant in Kyoto. He came to pursue this career after his encounter with Wabocho or Japanese knives. This segment spotlights the charm and appeal of Japanese knives, which draw out the natural taste of ingredients, and of Japanese cuisine.

Hiroki Nakahara (left), head chef at the Arashiyama Kumahiko restaurant, and Jon Klip (right), Japanese cuisine chef from Canada
Jon's collection of Wabocho, or Japanese knives
Arashiyama Kumahiko in Kyoto
Cutting Hamo or pike conger

Viewers’ Voice

The shots and little details like the sound of blades on fish scales were intriguing and refreshed my attention to the programme. By shedding light on Japanese knives used for cooking, it drew attention to both their aesthetic and practical appeal.

From Vietnam

Watching Jon’s mentor prepare the conger meat was extraordinary – it almost needed slow motion shots to capture the action fully! The explanation of the flavor benefits of using Japanese knives was both a revelation and extremely interesting.

From the Netherlands

It’s always interesting to see the level of passion foreigners have for different aspects of Japanese culture, in this case knives and Japanese food. It made me happy to know he’s following his passion and has the amazing opportunity to work and train in Japan under a very skillful chef in Kyoto. I hope he can enter the Washoku World Challenge competition in the future.

From New Zealand

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