Wearable Robot for Work

Aired: Jul. 25, 2019

In February 2019, a wearable robot was introduced at Narita and Haneda airports. It’s a powered wear that detects motion and provides power assistance to workers during the loading and unloading of cargo and was developed by a venture firm with 27 employees. This segment documents the efforts to enhance its comfort and weight, with the aim to reduce the physical burden on employees at worksites.

Powered wear used in farming
Powered wear used in logistics worksite
The powered wear ATOUN MODEL Y
Hiromichi Fujimoto, ATOUN President

Viewers’ Voice

The opening scenes of NIO in the section about robots were amazing! They looked like something from a sci-fi anime. I think it is great that inventors are designing robots to help workers rather than replace them. It was good watching Maxwell demonstrate the lifting robot. He described the sensation of wearing it well. The diagram and explanation of how the robot worked was fantastic.

From the UK

Technology and how it aids human beings is always welcome but the fear of AI snatching the livelihood of people is also prevalent in society. ATOUN Inc. is actually bringing bionic technology to human beings. And in keeping with the phrase "prevention is better than cure" the wearable robot might just be the thing that will save people from developing back injuries doing daily mundane tasks as well as work-related injuries amongst people who have to deal with heavy duty lifting or moving of things.

From India

It was great to see how machines are developed and their application in every day life or work. It was really impressive to hear about the loading-assist machine from people who are directly involved in the developing of it. I am always impressed by the scientists' imagination but also the dedication and research put into the development of this machine.

From Australia

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