Japan Trip Navigator

Aired: Jul. 25, 2019

The number of visitors to Japan reached 30 million in 2018. Social media and smartphone applications are becoming their main source of travel information. One of Japan’s major travel agencies has developed a free app that provides guides to travel the country. This segment features new ways of enjoying travel through the eyes of tourists.

Our traveller, Steve Wiley
The British Embassy Villa Memorial Park
The Kanaya Hotel in Nikko
Yunishigawa Onsen hot springs
The Honke Bankyu, a Japanese ryokan inn built in 1666
Yunishigawa Kamakura (snow huts) Festival

Viewers’ Voice

I was impressed by the smart phone app that answers your sightseeing questions. (In English!). It was a good strategy that the program explored Nikko while using the smartphone app. I always believed that Kyoto was the only place where we can see traditional Japanese culture. Therefore, I was happy to find that Nikko, which is close to Tokyo, also offers traditional sightseeing spots. I would like to visit there one day.

From the Philippines

It was interesting to see such western buildings in the middle of the countryside in Japan, especially being able to have scones and tea - if I ever feel homesick in Japan, I know where to go! I was also surprised to see that Hellen Keller and Albert Einstein have also stayed in the western hotel in the past.

From Ireland

This segment shows how technology can make traveling a lot easier. The app itself looked pretty good, and I would certainly check it out if I had to travel to Japan, but what I liked most was the trip scenes. It made me wish I could travel again to Japan soon.

From Spain

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