runAway: Running to Shizuoka’s Hidden Valley

Aired: Jul. 27, 2019

This month, the runAway team are heading deep into the mountains of Shizuoka in search of a hidden valley called Sumatakyo. They start their journey at Mt. Kuno, the location of the Kunozan Toshogu Shrine. Megan then joins Dean for a grueling uphill marathon off the beaten track and into the lesser known region of Kawanehoncho. A 2-day struggle is rewarded with reaching the valley, also famous for its heart-stopping suspension bridges.

Uphill marathon
Encounter with locals
Yume no Tsuribashi Bridge
Dean Newcombe, runAway team leader
Sumatakyo Village

Viewers’ Voice

As with previous episodes it's fun to watch Dean and his team on their adventure around Japan. The only thing better than watching the runAway team move along on their trip would be to actually do it in real life. And it makes me want to cover the 1159 steps myself someday. The thing I like about the coverage of the runAway adventure is that it takes us to parts of Japan that are not part of any tourist brochure. So, here's to more interesting discoveries along with runAway.

From India

I am not one for doing much extreme activities, but I love the outdoors. J-Adventure reminds me of the more unconventional ways of touring and seeing new places. It certainly is a much more intimate and personalized approach and one that tests the individual’s endurance. I’d have to find another way to make it to the village in the mountainous terrain. Hats off to Dean and his team.

From Canada

The runAway team looked exhausted but yet remained positive and persistent in completing the running challenge. Along the run, they went through different natural sceneries. I love the scene where the runner rang the happy bell at the lookout point and walked on the suspension bridge. This section successfully introduces and promotes remote areas in Japan.

From Malaysia

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