Japanese Rice for Sustainability

Aired: Jun. 27, 2019

In Japan, various rice-related industries are cooperating toward achieving the Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs set by the United Nations. Toyo Rice Corporation plays a central role. This segment introduces the milling technology and fertilizer they developed and its potential contribution to a more sustainable society.

A serving of rice on an obento lunch
Keiji Saika, Toyo Rice Corp. President
Kome-no-sei, fertilizer made from fine bran
Achieving a Guinness World Record

Viewers’ Voice

The production of bran-free rice highlighted the importance of finding new ways to reduce our impact on the environment, and this approach to milling rice – the growth of which already has a large carbon footprint – helps to minimise any additional impact rice processing has, thus making it a more sustainable food source.

From the UK

This segment on rinse-free rice was very informative. The charts and graphs made the topic easier to understand. It highlighted the how a small step can make such a wide impact.

From India

I have always admired the Japanese for their focus on innovating and creating tools that will make things more cost-effective and efficient. By telling the story of a Japanese business who would like to create ways to lessen their environmental impact, it showcases that profit is not the only thing that is important. This portion of the show is the best example of a circular economy, without overly promoting it. It doesn’t dictate what the viewers or other businesses should be doing, but it just focuses on the basic necessity - rice and how possible it is to consume it with lesser impact.

From the Philippines

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