runAway: Cycling Nature-rich Izu

Aired: May. 30, 2019

The runAway team are back! After conquering Mt. Fuji, they now head south toward the Izu Peninsula. This time we see Dean take to his bicycle to cover over 130km along beautiful winding roads, cutting through nature and reaching the ocean at Irozaki Cape. In just 2 days, the runAway team see some of the best sites of Izu on this whirlwind adventure!

Cycling around Izu Peninsula
Jouren Falls
Meditating at Sano River
Swimming at Shimoda Beach
Irozaki Cape

Viewers’ Voice

It was good catching up with the runAway team. Just watching Dean’s energy makes me tired! Izu looks like a lovely place to visit. It’s nice seeing people of my generation connecting with nature in such a fun way. I’m envious!

From the UK

Instead of just focusing on the places, this segment attempts to show the journey albeit by unconventional means which is equally amazing. Japan has an amazing landscape and by making the travelers take an unconventional mode and thus, the ‘slower pace of travel’ gives plenty of opportunities to let viewers see the other side of Japan usually not seen.

From Singapore

The Jouren Falls was quite impressive, and the images of the water falling down from a height of 25 meters at just the right time when sunlight was coming down into the area, with the water flowing through the river with great force were a beauty to watch. Japan isn’t known worldwide for its beaches, but the beach in this segment seemed like a beautiful place to swim and sunbathe during the summer, so it was an interesting place to learn about.

From Spain

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