Designing Top Performance

Aired: May. 30, 2019

The Ninja H2R motorcycle launched in 2016 by Kawasaki has recorded a top speed of 400 km/hour. The creation and development of its extraordinary specifications, incorporating gas turbine and aircraft designs, involved ideas from engineers unrelated to motorbike development. This segment features a look at the efforts behind the achievement of this apex technological speed machine.

Ninja H2R motorcycle
Engineers behind the Ninja H2R, Kazuo Tanaka (left) & Satoaki Ichi (right)
During test drive

Viewers’ Voice

What was most insightful was seeing how the team drew from the talents at Kawasaki Corporation that had nothing to do with motorcycles, involving an engineer who worked solely on gas turbines to make the individual parts and the engine work together to create something completely new and innovative. This type of collaboration is the key to thinking outside the box to create something unique. I also really enjoyed the animated graphics that helped show how the superchargers and engine worked on the Ninja. I appreciated watching the footage of the motorcycle on the track and getting the reactions from the international professionals who got to ride it.

From the US

The shape and design of the Kawasaki motorcycles was unlike the ones I see here in Ireland. It was amazing to see how much thought and work went into producing the small parts involved in the engine. Even after their first design failed, it was admirable that they did not give up. I never thought a part of aircraft design would have to be incorporated into a motorcycle because of its high speeds causing the bike to lift. The result of everyone working together looked amazing!

From Ireland

This segment was cool. I thought the bike they produced looked fantastic, and the programme showed the attention of detail that the engineers and designers put in over many years to achieve that result. One can clearly see the passion and dedication they employed and the stunning results this yielded.

From the UK

Bonneville Speed Week

At the Bonneville Speed Week, Utah, USA

“Bonneville Speed Week”, a motor sport event held in Utah, USA was held from August 11 to 17, 2018. The Ninja H2 joined the “P-PB 1000 class”, establishing a world record of 209.442 miles (337.064 km / h) the fastest in this class.

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