The Osaka Wonder Loop

Aired: May. 30, 2019

The city of Osaka in western Japan now has the highest growth rate of travelers from overseas. The Osaka Wonder Loop open-roof tour bus is a project lead by Kanji Hori and developed in collaboration with local businesses. This segment explores the secret that continues to attract tourists and the efforts behind the project.

The Osaka Wonder Loop Bus
Osaka's soul food Takoyaki
Eating Kushikatsu skewers at Kushikatsu Daruma
Osaka Gourmet Walk tickets
The Osaka Wonder Cruise
Kanji Hori, man behind the development of the Osaka Wonder Loop

Viewers’ Voice

The segment on how the new hop on hop off bus tour in Osaka seems to have kindled a lot of local tourist interest was skillfully handled mixing places of interest as well as the journey of the entrepreneur and all the efforts behind the scene to make it a success including cooperation from local businesses, converting what could have dwindled into an uninteresting presentation into an exciting trip. Solving the tourist travails of wanting to try everything but not being able to, especially with cuisine, by agreeing with the eateries to serve smaller portions of everything was indeed a flash of genius.

From India

I really enjoyed seeing a boat that serves food and drinks, with the back drop of a city going by, it is in my opinion, one of the most elegant ways to tour a city comfortably. I was also very pleased to learn about Kanji Hori, and his company, I felt it vital for such a unique business to be highlighted as it affirms the hard work and dedication of its founders and employees. It was very interesting to learn how he grew and developed various contacts from fellow business to police departments and government officials. It was very inspiring to me and I am sure to many other people in business.

From Kenya

It was interesting to learn how Hori, by making the right connections and persevering for 3 years, finally managed to put everything in place so that the tours could go ahead. Of special interest here was the way in which Hori arranged for a group of participating food outlets to offer small tasting menu’s, ideal for tourists who wanted to try lots of different dishes. Throughout this section, supporting footage was excellent with some great cutaways and incidental shots of the food being discussed in the (excellent) narration.

From the Netherlands

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