runAway: Conquering Japan’s Highest Peak

Aired: Apr. 25, 2019

Mt. Fuji is an icon of Japan. Situated on the border of Yamanashi and Shizuoka Prefectures, it’s Japan’s highest mountain. In this segment, a team of adventurers set off to climb to its peak using the Yoshida Trail. From the top of the mountain, they are planning a 50-day journey around Japan using only physical power, such as running, cycling, and kayaking. This is the start of an adventure that they call “runAway.”

runAway team climbing Mt. Fuji
Praying at the Komitake Shrine before the climb
At a mountain hut en route Mt. Fuji's summit
Climbing the Yoshida Trail
Reaching the summit!

Viewers’ Voice

It is exciting to see how Dean and his friends climb Mt. Fuji. I like how real and relaxed the conversations are among the team and the view as they ascend Mt. Fuji looks absolutely beautiful. It is indeed quite crazy to see that climbers have to queue in order to reach the top of a mountain.

From Singapore

Climbing Mt. Fuji has always been something I thought about but I don't think I would be able to take the hours of hiking. However, I think the feeling of getting to the very top and being able to watch the sunrise is worth the pain-staking hike. I'd also like to go with my close group of friends to be able to share an amazing experience together. For now, I enjoyed watching the hike through a screen at home!

From Ireland

Everybody loves an adventure! I like how this segment framed the journey as“human-powered.” This restriction still allows the adventurers to use many different modes of transportation (just not motorized). I enjoy watching other people’s experiences and understanding their perspectives. What was great about this segment was that it had a human story along with general education about the featured site, Mt. Fuji. I learned that Mt. Fuji is the most-summited peak in the world. Consequently, it appears to be somewhat friendly to beginner climbers. I had no idea about this and always thought that Mt. Fuji was intimidating (a mountain that only daring climbers attempt to climb). I look forward to more segments featuring these adventurers!

From the US

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