Paper Made of Stone

Aired: Apr. 25, 2019

Increased awareness towards the use of plastic are beginning to gain ground worldwide. A material called LIMEX, developed by Japanese venture company TBM, has been attracting attention as an alternative to paper and plastic.

At the TBM headquarters in Ginza, Tokyo
Products made of LIMEX

Viewers’ Voice

I enjoyed the limestone paper segment and had no idea that paper could be made in this way: it was a great example of innovation that is good for the environment and I found the whole thing fascinating and illuminating. The idea has the potential to take the world by storm and the company president looks set to do so.

From the UK

I didn’t know this product existed. And to know that it would not use so much water and trees to manufacture is even better. The upcycling feature is also very impressive. I’m looking forward to having in my hands on one of these papers and feel the texture. I’m also amazed by how a Japanese man can see a normal product and envision its potential and then take it to another whole new level.

From Panama

I found this segment devoted to the new lime-based “paper” currently in full development of great interest. I think this product has great potential and it would be of interest to hear about future developments, particularly with regards to the biodegradable products that use corn-based material as a substitute for oil-based resin. It seems to me like this could be a massive breakthrough that could help to solve the extremely urgent problem of plastic waste disposal throughout the world.

From Spain

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