Creative Washoku

Aired: Apr. 25, 2019

Shimo-kitazawa is a vibrant hub of Tokyo culture and trends. A restaurant in the area hosted a pop-up dining event that embodies a new movement in Japanese cuisine; an on-the-spot, improvised dining experience accompanied by information on the origins and concepts behind the dishes. This segment highlights a new form of Japan’s ever-evolving cuisine.

David Israelow, Japanese cuisine chef
Shion Kakizaki, Salmon & Trout owner
Salmon & Trout, restaurant in Shimokitazawa, Tokyo

Viewers’ Voice

The delicacies created by David Israelow using nothing but carrots were mind-blowing. The food and wine pairing portion was a brilliant and relaxing interlude to an otherwise high-octane episode.

From India

I think this segment did well in giving a picture of how the trend in food is changing, and it also might be useful for viewers who are associated with food industry. Through this segment, it could be seen that the role of food is gradually changing, from something to eat only to something that can also be appreciated and enjoyed.

From Thailand

I liked seeing the city streets; it added an exciting feel to the program. One of my favorite views was a candid view of the streets with people going about their lives. It was good to see Washoku Chef David Israelow once again after he won the Washoku World Challenge competition. I appreciated the breakdown on each individual carrot dish and the respective pairing beverage. It was excellent detailing.

From Nigeria

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