What is EGING?

Aired: Apr. 25, 2019

“Egi” is a traditional lure to catch squid and squid-fishing. Using it is becoming widely known as “Eging” among anglers. Yamashita, a manufacturer of fishing equipment, continues to develop innovative squid jigs through researching the biology of the animals. This segment documents the efforts of a long-standing manufacturer to spread the joy of fishing.

Eisuke Kawakami, Eging Master
Yuhei Mori, developer of Egi squid lures
An Egi squid lure

Viewers’ Voice

This segment was particularly fascinating because it showed the trouble and effort the manufacturer goes to, to make a lure which makes fishing a worthwhile and interesting pastime. I have never been squid-fishing, but it is quite popular here in Australia. I have only ever eaten squid which I have bought already cleaned, so it was very interesting and out of the ordinary, to actually see not only how one goes about catching squid, but the equipment and techniques used.

From Australia

I didn't know that special lures could be used in order to catch squid and it was interesting to learn that squid, for some reason, preferred orange lures. I was impressed with how the Egi's shape and its performance under water was studied in detail - it looked like a real bait when I watched it "swim" in the sea water tank.

From Ireland

If I had to make a list of activities that I am personally interested in, fishing would probably be one of the furthest down the list. However, I was surprised by how interesting it was to learn about the history and evolution of Egi, which is the type of lure used for centuries in Japan to catch squid. Had the segment focused solely on the activity of fishing, I probably would not have been as engaged, but learning in-depth about the efforts of the team at the Yamashita company to create a new type of Egi, was oddly compelling.

From the US

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