Collecting the Charms of Shizuoka

Aired: Feb. 28, 2019

“Host Towns” are cities and municipalities all over Japan that will be welcoming national teams from overseas and offering them pre-competition training camps for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Paralympics. This segment showcases the charms and highlights of Shizuoka City, the host town of Taiwan’s track and field team.

View of Mt. Fuji from Nihondaira Yume Terrace
Nihondaira Yume Terrace
Kunozan Toshogu Shrine
Ishigaki (stone wall) Strawberries

Viewers’ Voice

I was impressed by the way the students have a chance to participate in events as big as the Olympics and Paralympics. Doing this allows the younger generation to see their potential and be more confident in the globalized world.

From Thailand

It was fun to walk around Shizuoka with the two students. I think I would happily watch a program where other young people show the viewer around their city / town / village. I liked seeing their photography too. It’s always interesting to see a place from a local’s point of view.

From the UK

It was very good to know about the newly minted --- and very impressive --- Yume Terrace, with its full-circle viewscape. Definitely a must visit! The rest of the sightseeing was also entertaining (especially the strawberries part). These pre-Olympics initiatives are a really clever pretext to explore the beauties of each region.

From Portugal

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