Clean Water for All

Aired: Feb. 28, 2019

Motorcycle manufacturer Yamaha Motor has developed a water purification system to provide clean water to their employees based in countries around Asia. This segment introduces the system that is on its way to being used around the world.

Clean Water Supply System model
Clean Water Supply System in Cambodia
Maintaining the system
Masashi Kanemaru, engineer at Yamaha Motor

Viewers’ Voice

It was amazing that the filtration system could be easily maintained and operated by locals and is still operating 13 years after installation. It sounded very sustainable and it was great to hear that this water has helped the community immensely.

From Ireland

Their approach was intuitive; choosing to not install a super advanced, cutting-edge, and no doubt difficult to maintain water filtration system, but instead a simpler one that is just as effective and can much more easily be kept up for a long time. I’m very glad to see that they are continuing to expand in this field and are bringing their water purification innovations to many different countries across Asia and Africa, and hopefully beyond.

From the US

I have been in countries where there is a limited amount of drinking water, and some of the water available leaves much to be desired in the way of being clean and drinkable, and so this innovation by Yamaha and its participants should go a long way to (hopefully) fixing the predicament of providing good, clean water for use. A very simple but very effective and worthwhile innovation.

From Australia

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