Behind the Transparency of Acrylic Panels

Aired: Feb. 28, 2019

Acrylic sheet manufacturer Shinshi plays a significant role in the competitive market of aquariums in Japan. This segment features the technological prowess involved in overcoming challenges in the production and installation of large-scale aquarium tanks.

Penguins in the Sky at Tokyo Sunshine Aquarium
The tunnel aquarium at Aqua Park Shinagawa
At Shinshi's factory in Tochigi
Toru Yamazaki, engineer at Shinshi
Acrylic panel

Viewers’ Voice

It is fascinating to watch how acrylic sheet manufacturer Shinshi found a solution eventually after one year of trial and error. And it truly changed the aquarium theme parks technology today.

From the Philippines

I enjoyed watching the building process of the aquarium and hearing about the challenges that were encountered in the process. The transparency test of the acrylic frame was simply fascinating. Simple demonstrations like that help the viewer understand better about a subject matter that they know very little about.

From Nigeria

The aquarium with the flying penguins is truly breathtaking and I would love to visit it one day. We are so used to go through life taking for granted everything we see without stopping to contemplate and question how things are created. The planning and creativity that goes hand in hand when creating these kinds of spaces is amazing, especially since they have big challenges like making sure the tanks can contain a large quantity of water and sea life.

From New Zealand

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