Fusion of Food Culture

Aired: Feb. 28, 2019

The KIKKOMAN LIVE KITCHEN TOKYO in Ginza, the heart of Tokyo, opened in November of 2018. A unique restaurant based on the concept “Fusion of Food Culture,” it is a place where chefs of various cuisines including Japanese, Western and Chinese, collaborate to create new dishes.

Chef Takashi Tamura (left) & Chef Yoshimi Hidaka (right)
Course ingredients
Restaurant exterior
White Miso Cod
Acqua Pazza

Viewers’ Voice

It showed what developments are taking place in the heart of Tokyo, and with something we all like which is food. Hearing the audience members react to the price of maple syrup was very humorous and it felt like a very organic experience.

From Kenya

This is definitely something I would really love to experience. The combination of having a tablet which translates the chefs live so you can follow along in English, as well being able to enjoy the dishes after it’s been cooked make this an ideal place for tourists.

From the US

Being a fan of Kikkoman Soy Sauce, I would have wanted to see a little more of the building where this restaurant was located, because sometimes I want associate this great product with a nice organized company.

From Panama


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